Classical music expertise


You’ll find it easy to work with us. In addition to filming countless concerts and festivals, we all have training in classical music. You don’t have to meticulously explain everything to us as if we were a generic production company. We understand your needs and goals right away — every once in a while, we might even read your mind.



Cinematic look and feel


Our industry standard cameras, lens line-up and post-production colour grading make your films stand out from the crowd. What does that mean? When you look at a film you can instantly it’s low-budget soap opera grade or high quality cinematography. We have the industry leading technology and professional know-how needed to make your films the latter — a gorgeous visual experience with soul.



Partners for a lifetime


No matter how long you pursue a career in music – be it 5 years or a lifetime – we invest in long-term partnerships. We are the only production company that automatically stores two copies of all your original material for 12 years. This gives us the unique capability to tell your story in a long-form documentary, using footage spanning several years of your festival or career. Haven’t worked with us yet? No problem. We’ll capture your best performances or the most outstanding moments of your festival starting now, and safeguard all of the original material for decades to come. When the time comes, we’ll be around and we’ll have all of your original footage at hand.



One stop shop to showcase your work


Sometimes…well in fact quite often, you need more than just a film. Maybe you’re in the market for a logo, web design, visual communication, photography, audio recording, social media services or a fully equipped video studio. Yes, we have those too. And staying in touch with only one team takes less time, less coordination, and less headache. At the end of the day, you’ll have more creative energy to do what you do best. Make music.