• balazs-borocz

    Balázs Böröcz


    Balázs Böröcz is a Hungarian photographer and designer. His personal photography works have been published in various international magazines and have been exhibited in Europe, South America, and Asia. In 2008 he founded Pilvax Studio in Paris, which quickly became a respected design studio in the field of classical music, setting a new standard in aesthetics for branding and imagery for artists. Pilvax now collaborates with numerous clients worldwide.

    His love for classical music and the visual arts, as well as many years of piano training led him to co-found Pilvax & Oberyn.

  • miklos-vali

    Miklós Váli

    film director

    Miklós Váli is a Hungarian video artist and visual designer. After graduating with a master degree from Moholy-Nagy Art University in Budapest, he started his own design business. 
Five years later the Oberyn Studio is proud to have a broad circle of international clients, offering various film and graphic design services, especially focusing on cooperation with artists.

    Piano studies and experience in the visual field led him to co-found Pilvax & Oberyn – with a focus on classical music.